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ebow USA Trifecta

Last week we tackled New York, Philadelphia and Connecticut. As an agency newly minted in the US, we're fully aware that we have to be known before we can be relevant! On the journey, we remain thankful.  To all who carved out time to sit with us, Thank You! ... Read More

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.com to the racks

At 9:48 a.m. on a Tuesday a few months back we were officially on-boarded by the WWE. A powerhouse entertainment company that really made ebow’s transition from Ireland to the US as smooth as a babies bottom -- not that we like to equate ourselves to butts… but…... Read More

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An American SmackDown

When we launched ebow USA during the final months of 2015 we couldn't have predicted that our first US client would be so renowned. So when we were commissioned by the WWE to help ignite user engagement through a competition mechanism to support a co-marketing initi... Read More

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