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  Pattie LaBelle sells bake goods at Walmart… Rob Lowe created a men’s skin care line… And Erika Badu is a certified Doula… Three examples of talented people known for one thing, but passionate about much more… So while ebow: The Digital Agenc... Read More

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ebow USA spearheads Digital for the resurrection of Sullivan’s Brewing Company

We are proud to share that ebow USA and ebow Ireland will run the digital marketing for Sullivan’s Brewing Company, which boasts 200 years of brewing tradition, across the United States, Ireland and parts of Europe. Services we will provide include: Onlin... Read More

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Without Dublin, The Stern Show and a One-Handed Magician ebow USA Might Not Exist!

  This month ebow USA is a year old. Founded in Dublin in 1999 and Born in the USA in 2015, it’s been a year for the record books. Simply put, no less than the culmination of my 22 professional years could have prepared me to for this epic ride. Thinking back,... Read More

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ebow Goes Spelunking!

  ebow is proud to have found a work-around for everyone eager to explore the Great Outdoors without the need of bug repellent or a compass! Working with the iconic brand Great Outdoors has been a thrill for the ebow team and the result is a new website that... Read More

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ebow Grinds out Bewley’s new website

Production is happily steaming along at an all time high at ebow.  The fuel for our surge could very well be the special blend of creative adrenaline and caffeine (thanks Bewley's).  Please find the results of this brew within the new Bewley's website! - built o... Read More

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ebow flying high

Happy to share ebow's latest completed work...  as design partner for the Dublin Airport. The site has gone live! We tackled: - UX testing, strategy and design - Mobile friendly responsive design - Widget design (Parking, Fast Track, Exec Lounges, Bus Tickets,... Read More

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