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I’m keith fenimore… Who cares?

This is a story of how a social media experiment changed the trajectory my career, and my life. In 2010 my day job was working for The Howard Stern Show where I ran original digital content. I was having fun. And after 16 years in LA working in the entertainment industr... Read More

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non-fake news

Thanks to the Irish Independent for this great story on ebow and ebow USA! This is a nice look into our company growth, expansion and overall mindset and offerings! We are Ireland and USA!

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Is this the best in-app ticket purchase ever?

Oh what a delight...the Heathrow Express App kills it...making business people's lives easier and the most expensive piece of rail travel per km all the more appealing and easy to use. It's *basically* great: 1) open app 2) choose times 3) press buy tickets 4)... Read More

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WWE appoint ebowUSA #smackdown

We promised a great client announcement for ebowUSA would come. To be honest we are not sure we could have asked for better. In the year of us taking a backseat after 8 years playing GAA we have put down our hurleys in favour of vaseline and spandex. As... Read More

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The Ireland US Council

I am very proud to become a member of the Ireland US Council on behalf of ebow, the digital agency and am looking forward to the opportunities, events and progressive thinking that surrounds it. Many thanks to David O'Sullivan for taking the time to meet with me last week ... Read More

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ebow, Guinness, Facebook and JamieOliver.com

A great event, a great venue and a great reception at this years Digi-Talk conference in the Europa Hotel Belfast. Along with ebow MD & Founder David Douglas the speakers list included such luminaries as: Lisa Fitzsimons, Marketing Manager of Guinness Steve Card... Read More

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