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I’m keith fenimore… Who cares?

This is a story of how a social media experiment changed the trajectory my career, and my life. In 2010 my day job was working for The Howard Stern Show where I ran original digital content. I was having fun. And after 16 years in LA working in the entertainment industr... Read More

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ebow aka

  Pattie LaBelle sells bake goods at Walmart… Rob Lowe created a men’s skin care line… And Erika Badu is a certified Doula… Three examples of talented people known for one thing, but passionate about much more… So while ebow: The Digital Agenc... Read More

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All it takes, is all you’ve got… true in Rugby and in digital marketing

After working with the famed GAA out of Ireland for almost a decade it just made good sense that when ebowUSA opened our doors in the US, we'd gravitate to the pitch... Here's some nice recent work we were able to bring to life for USA Rugby. ebowUSA is soaring.... Read More

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ebow USA Trifecta

Last week we tackled New York, Philadelphia and Connecticut. As an agency newly minted in the US, we're fully aware that we have to be known before we can be relevant! On the journey, we remain thankful.  To all who carved out time to sit with us, Thank You! ... Read More

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