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This isn’t really about who, it’s about what. As in what is happening behind-the-scenes at Yahoo and where do they go from here…

There’s Yang’s do’s and Micro should have’s and Mayer’s tumbl(r) and baby bumps, but when the tech dust settles, what are they left with?

From the outside it looks like a top-down Freefall, and not the Petty kind

In the wake of personnel cuts and party budget trimming there’s a boisterous board who appears to be blinded by such red-faced fury that any hope for a ‘clear vision’ is now blurry at best.

With or without a seventh CEO appointment, is the end game really achievable? What is the end game? It’s hard to have a happy ending when your beginnings were so long ago and you’ve been unceremoniously trapped in the middle?

I see Yahoo as a T-Rex in a shot put competition. Even if it tries real hard, and releases at full-extension, great results may still be out of arms reach.


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