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Without Dublin, The Stern Show and a One-Handed Magician ebow USA Might Not Exist!



This month ebow USA is a year old. Founded in Dublin in 1999 and Born in the USA in 2015, it’s been a year for the record books. Simply put, no less than the culmination of my 22 professional years could have prepared me to for this epic ride.

Thinking back, I realized that it wasn’t my past jobs that prepared me; as much as it was the amazing people I was lucky enough to work with along the way.

So during this milestone, I wanted to celebrate by taking a moment to say thank you to all my bosses, co-workers and mentors, without whom I wouldn’t have the career, or the sustained happiness, I have today!

To my first bosses Larry Goldman and Dean Bender, who gave me my big break. By hiring me they dulled one side of the double edge sword that is swung at every college grad – Sorry, you need experience before we can hire you, but how can I get experience if you won’t hire me…

To Mark Rosch and Dale Hopkins from my days at E! Entertainment Television. They put me in professional situations that were above my pay grade, and spotted me like an Olympic deadlifter, while letting me figure it out myself. (also thanks to John Henson for casting me as a transvestite hooker in a Talk Soup sketch)

To John Rieber and Gregg Brannon, who green-lit my first TV pilot, which was a pivot from my marketing background, and gave me a massive dose of fearlessness that still courses today!

To Rob Sharenow, who bought my first TV show that actually made it to air on A&E. Proving that if you go through Hollywood to get there, you could very well end up in the hills of Tandil, Argentina tracking down an 80-year-old one-handed magician.

To the great Stan Winston, who didn’t let all his awards and Oscars, or my lack of any, get in the way of partnering with me. He oozed passion, creative drive, vision and youthful excitement, none of which were lost on me.

To Stan Hubbard, Rod Perth and Ian Valentine for trusting me on their launch team at ReelzChannel. Perhaps, their trust was slightly misplaced when I made Simon Pegg and Nick Frost beat up a TV host, but I am indebted just the same…

To Howard Stern and Doug Goodstein for bringing me into the fold of a very talented close-knit group and allowing me to oversee the creative, and in most cases the wellbeing, of Beetlejuice, Yucko the Clown and a countless others who I am still trying to expunge from my memory.

To Justin Webb for inviting me on board an innovative social media start-up and giving me a legitimate reason to fly to Sheboygan, WI more times than should be legal.

To Daniel Erlbaum, for being a metronome of sage advice, which is always offered with equal parts thoughtfulness and insight. And for maintaining a 92% pick up rate when I call (a better percetage than my parents).

Finally, to Mr. Dave Douglas, founder and MD of ebow, who has successfully and gracefully helmed the agency for the last 16 years. And who’s efforts unknowingly granting me the time necessary to perfect my form before blissfully diving head first into ebowUSA!  You’re a good man Douglas!

Thank you all for teaching me, trusting me and challenging me. I’m grateful!

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