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Keith Fenimore


Keith Fenimore ebowUSA

VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, North America.

Sustaining a career for over 20 years in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and New York has afforded me some luxuries.  I’m not referring to typical luxuries one might associate with Hollywood, like money or fame.  I’m talking about something far more valuable, freedom.  Freedom to follow my passion and my heart… both of which have led me to ebow, the digital agency.


My work has spanned the fields of marketing and original content.  With the first decade dedicated to PR and marketing within both agencies and Networks like E! Entertainment Television, where I was part of a re-brand.  I pivoted and over the last decade have been creating and selling original content as an Executive Producer to networks like A&E, PBS, TV Guide Channel, Ovation, VH1, and on.  I launched the movie network ReelzChannel now in 81 million homes, which led to a five-year stint overseeing digital and on-demand content for The Howard Stern Show.

I transitioned into the start-up world as part of the launch of a social media platform dedicated to crowdsourcing UGC for brands which culminated in acquisition negotiations.

The red thread throughout my career has been developing, packaging and selling ideas and services.  It’s my job to make the US market recognize ebow as the established, world-class agency we are.  While some may see this as a difficult task, I see it as freedom!

Check us out www.ebowUSA.com


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