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Is this the best in-app ticket purchase ever?


Oh what a delight…the Heathrow Express App kills it…making business people’s lives easier and the most expensive piece of rail travel per km all the more appealing and easy to use.

It’s *basically* great:

1) open app
2) choose times
3) press buy tickets
4) enter (fake for video) pin
5) authorise saved credit card (no having to put in the little code you can never remember, no 3D secure, no friction, no counting things on fingers)
6) add to passbook (if you want)
7) add to calendar (if you want)
8) receive text message with (just in case) link
9) receive email confirmation with (just in case) link
10) go to London and walk 20 minutes from the new terminal 🙁
11) get killed on euro to sterling

Download it here!


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