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I’m keith fenimore… Who cares?


This is a story of how a social media experiment changed the trajectory my career, and my life.

In 2010 my day job was working for The Howard Stern Show where I ran original digital content. I was having fun. And after 16 years in LA working in the entertainment industry, living in NYC and taking notes from Howard Stern was fairytale-ish.

At the time, Facebook and Twitter were the most popular/only social networks. Almost weekly I witnessed people with no apparent skills, rise to meteoric fame for no good reason. So, having an abundance of no apparent skills myself, I decide to see if I could thrust myself into the zeitgeist and become The Most Recognized Person in America.

To my surprise, it didn’t take much to light the wick. Both digital and traditional mediacaught on, and I got a massive influx of followers. My face, and my mission, started to get plastered all over the internet.

A few months passed, and as you probably guessed, my quest for notoriety simply for notoriety sake, was supplanted by steep competition. There’s no way a squeaky clean behind-the-scenes guy like myself could compete with forces ‘of .com’ nature like a shirtless Old Spice guy and sweet Lindsey Lohan getting thrown in the clink.

So what happened to me… I found success in failure. Because of my little stunt, I was featured in Maxim Magazine, I landed a book deal and I caught the eye of the owner of a well established digital marketing agency in Dublin Ireland.

Cut to present day and the result of the chance encounter Dave Douglas had with my face is incalculable. I joined his company and we’re now two years in on a massive expansion of ebow from Ireland to the US. All unwittingly spawned from a social media experiment that took on a life of its own. Who would’ve thunk it?

The simple act of being curious and following a passion changed the trajectory of my career and in a lot of ways my life. In retrospect one thing is clear, I didn’t actively figure out my path, my path was a random, and quite lovely, result of my passion! Go figure.

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