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Pattie LaBelle sells bake goods at Walmart…

Rob Lowe created a men’s skin care line…

And Erika Badu is a certified Doula…

Three examples of talented people known for one thing, but passionate about much more…

So while ebow: The Digital Agency has been churning out award winning digital marketing work for an amazing roster of global clients since 1999 – ebow: The Art Gallery has emerged as an independent extension of that.

To kick things off, our Dublin office is showcasing an instalment titled “Bowie by Duffy”.

This exhibition showcases famed photographer Brain Duffy’s work from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s with Bowie covers from Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, White Sands, Lodger and Scary Monsters.

Like Badu, Lowe and LaBelle before him – (Dave) Douglas is multi-talented — as MD of ebow digital and curator of ebow art gallery!

*worth mentioning…Dave’s youthful look is no accident, but rather thanks to copious amounts of Rob Lowe’s line of men’s performance grooming line of products!



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