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At 9:48 a.m. on a Tuesday a few months back we were officially on-boarded by the WWE.

A powerhouse entertainment company that really made ebow’s transition from Ireland to the US as smooth as a babies bottom — not that we like to equate ourselves to butts… but…

As if WWE wasn’t enough, we were informed our first assignment involved a co-sponsorship with a little known mom-n’-pop retailer called Walmart.

wwe-topLogo_-_Walmart 2

With barley time for the ink to dry on our passports, we were at full bore.
The results of the three-week campaign driven by a very alluring voting mechanism, has successfully transitioned from the digital world to the real world atop the racks and shelves at Walmart.

Here’s photo evidence!


A powerful example of how consumer driven interactive online decisions can have effective impact! (and how blurry photos can still get the point across)


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